Non League Daily Launch Partnership With Get Ahead of the Game is now working in partnership with Get Ahead of the Game, a football education programme founded by Nicola Coles.


Get Ahead of the Game is a brand new educational project, which aims to raise children's academic attainment, through working collaboratively with a football club.

Every school that joins the project will develop a partnership with a local football club, have access to lesson plans and resources and have the opportunity to enhance the physical education provision currently on offer.

This project was developed by Nicola Coles, who is a teacher at Bishop Henderson School in Coleford, Somerset.

Since November 2012, her class have been working alongside Southern League Premier Division club Frome Town.

During the project, the children had the opportunity to meet and interview the manager which culminated in the writing of his biography.

This project has not only enhanced the children's literacy skills but the children have developed a wide range of skills in other subject areas too, such as in design technology, as they have designed posters, flags and badges etc. The project has had an incredible effect and has brought together families and the local school community to help children focus, perform extraordinarily well at school and most importantly enjoy their learning!

Luke Donkin, editor of, commented: "Nicola and I have been working together for a short time, and I am extremely impressed with the initiative and community value Get Ahead of the Game holds. Offering children an educational programme through football is something which can completely enhance their learning and development throughout their school years."

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