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Temporary advertising displays for your club

Many football clubs sell advertising at their grounds, with pitchside boards or banners being the popular method of choice.

They can bring in valuable revenue to any club, and can make your ground look a great deal more colourful. Lots of clubs do it too, from the lower leagues right to the very top. Whatever scale that you’re working on, there’s a business model that can work for you.

But what if you share a ground, or just use the local facilities? Is there any way that you can sell advertising then? Sometimes it just isn’t possible to fix up a load of advertising panels wherever you fancy! Well, you’ll be glad to know that there are a couple of ways that you can install temporary graphics at a football match.

Banner Frames

First up are banner frames. These are metal frames that hold a regular PVC banner in position, and they are available usually in either 2x1m or 3x1m sizes. These can be arranged around the perimeter of the pitch to for an attractive display. The units themselves are a little more expensive than a typical pitchside board, but once purchased the banner can be changed over easily, and the new banners are actually very cheap. Aura Print do them complete with a banner, and then you can buy additional banners really easily.

Outdoor Banner Stands

The second item is the outdoor roller banner stand. These units are very similar to the regular indoor roller banner stands, but are designed specifically for outdoor use. They have a weighted, water filled base, and the graphic is PVC banner material – very tough, and much like the banner frames it is very easy to swap or replace them.

So that’s two great ways to install attractive, temporary sponsor displays during your football matches. You may not be able to charge quite as much for the advertising as the signage is not permanent, but in reality who is going to see football panels unless there’s a match on? Temporary signage can be moved about so that it’s in the ideal position too.

If all the fans are in a certain spot it’s easy to move the signage so that it’s in a prime viewing location for them, rather than being at the other side of the pitch. If you’re doing away games (and the home team is okay with it) you could even take your sponsorship displays on the road with you! That’s something that you can’t do with permanently installed pitchside boards, for sure.

Finally, it’s worth noting that your portable displays can be used in other places too – not just at football matches. If you ever hold charity fundraisers, fetes or festivals in your community you can always use them there, too. I guess that’s the best thing about displays of this kind – you can actually use them indoors or out, all year round, at events of any kind, and if you’re selling advertising this can only be a good thing.



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