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Ex-Cambridge Fitness Coach Joins Crows

Scott Taylor is putting Calor League Division One Central club Royston Town's players through their paces on the training ground after leaving Cambridge United.

Taylor had been strength and conditioning coach at the R Costings Abbey for two years, having previously been at Preston and Peterborough, but was let go at the end of last season for financial reasons.

Despite being offered jobs at League clubs over the summer, he wanted to remain in the area and is now combining his new fitness coach role with the Calor League outfit with a job as gym manager at Cambridge's Microsoft Research Centre.

Taylor (pictured) said he had been disappointed to leave United having enjoyed his time at the club, but said he had no hard feelings.

He said: "Jez (George, director of football) pulled me in in January and said they didn't want to lose me, but wanted me to go down to part time.

"When it came to a decision at the end of the season, there's only so much money in the playing budget and my cut of that could have gone to a player, so it's just one of those things.

"I've been offered a couple of other jobs in different parts of the country and abroad, but I've got a young family in Cambridge and unless they were commutable, which they weren't, I wanted to stay here."

Taylor took charge of his first Crows training session last night and said the role came about via their recent recruit Robbie Nightingale, who is also groundsman at United's Clare College training ground.

He said: "Robbie put me in contact with Paul Attfield (Royston boss) and their chairman and I liked what I saw.

"It's a really well-run club and they really want to go places with it and I'll be trying to run it like I would at Championship standard within the means of the club."



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