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Hereford's Beadle unhappy with 'crude' Tiverton play

In his post match interview after the 2-2 draw at Tiverton, Hereford manager Peter Beadle was critical of both the rough way Tiverton play and the fact that referee didn't deal deal with it.

"It's tough because they do it well. Crude at times but that's the way they want to play.

"I thought we coped with it brilliantly. I thought the lads were magnificent tonight.

"I thought first half we could have been out of sight with Jamie and John if they had put their chances away but they were there to get them but unfortunately it didn't quite fall for us tonight.

"We feel asleep once and it cost us a penalty. Jimmy got caught with his man on the inside of him when it should have been the other way round. Then Jimmy does great to get back in and defend against him but then dithers a little bit in his clearance and catches the lad and we get caught out by just falling asleep.

"Then we get ourselves 2-1 up and again we have a funny couple of minutes and they hit the post as we weren't switched on.

"Aside of that they've not caused us a problem. We've had to work hard because of the way they play and how crude as it is. Obviously second half going up the slope and going into the wind a little bit we've had to work a bit harder."

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