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MASC Executive Travel Security Awareness Courses

Most businessmen, holidaymakers, sports fans don't have a security plan. Even the majority of those that disagree with that statement will admit to not having their plan logically thought out, articulated in a manner that can be drawn upon under pressure and rehearsed. Why is this? Well, of course, many believe "it won't happen to me".


The majority of the aforementioned groups, may not have even heard of things going array in idyllic 'paradise like' settings, so why on earth should a football fan jetting off to Brazil be concerned? after all, it is possibly the largest international event in the world, It is the Beautiful Game, Brazil is warm and exotic, lively and full of fun with fiestas. Whistles blowing, Trumpets playing and drums banging.

Yes, Brazil is an enormous, vibrant and colourful country, home to an abundance of diverse cultures, people, history, environments all providing their own unique atmospherics both positive and unfortunately negative. Brazil can be an exciting place to visit, sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

Over the last decade crime levels throughout Brazil have increased, particularly within the larger cities. Fuelled by a rise of inequality, significantly more young men in the population, increased drug use and greater availability of firearms. But, we must not let such negative facts overshadow a trip to the Football World Cup as it probably wouldn't happen to you anyway, would it?...or would it??

Brazil is not recognised as a terrorist stronghold, nor is it negatively documented as being horrific for religious hatred or sectarianism. The highest threat to the international traveller is petty crime such as robbery, there is a medium threat of violent crime and also express kidnappings, this involves the victim being held temporarily while they are forced to withdraw money at ATMs (this may take a number of days, dependent on your bank balance). The threat of civil unrest is not to be dismissed, this kind of situation can be incredibly bad to your health, the public order sections of any police force effectively deploy non-lethal methods that are incredibly painful and uncomfortable when dispatched and then theres being trampled by the crowd or worse still a police horse, don't go there. Kidnapping, although a low threat remains a threat to be aware of, it happens and acts of terrorism should never be overlooked as this is the biggest of all international events after all.

So, with the potential threats now sinking into the grey matter, you have now been made aware. What are you going to do to counter them?

You need to arm yourself with knowledge, furnish yourself with the appropriate education, the counter measures. Only you can do this for yourself. You know who is at the centre of your secURity? Yes, U R.

Education is a powerful tool, a tool that can be used to maintain or fix something, if you don't have the correct tool for the task in hand, things will generally end up not as neat as they could have been, we have all experienced this, however, when we are referring to tools that maintain our personal security, we really need to go for the high quality tool, the tool that is right for the job and does it right first time.

As it stands now, right now, you may not have any more education in security awareness for Brazil than what you have just digested. Now imagine, you are the individual on the edge of the bus station with the flash wrist watch, you are now the victim of a criminal assault, you are not prepared.You are relying upon instinct in response to this ongoing incident. You are not conditioned for this.
What if the response instincts are wrong, your reaction inappropriate for this, your very personal situation that you alone placed yourself in by not using that education tool.

Free Tip: Get rid of the bling, or at least get a cheap one that goes unnoticed and if push comes to shove you don't mind getting taken from you.

MASC Executive's Brazil specific Travel Security Awareness Course is not about scare tactics, it's about the education to assist you counter the negative and have the best time at the World Cup. Get in!!!

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