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Meet the Robins ahead of the FA Vase Final

Ahead of the FA Vase Final North Shields striker Gareth Bainbridge gives us the lowdown on his team mates.  Find out who loves Neil Diamond and who belongs on the set of Beverley Hills 90210. 

Ryan Carr: Ryan looks like he belongs on the set of 90210 with his High School jock good looks. Technically brilliant on the ball and a thinking game to match. Huge future ahead.

Chris Bannon: Joined us from Ashington early season and his been priceless to our campaign. Coming from a footballing family, Bannon is trying to regain some bragging rights from his sister, Sunderland Women’s captain, Steph.

Gary Day: Quickly named “Big Gaz” by the lads, Gary joined us half way through the season. A great asset to the squad and soon proved a handful for many defences.

Curtis Coppen: Curtis has enjoyed a fantastic first season with us, demonstrating composure and great technical ability. Not the brightest lad, he once applied an ankle strapping to himself using electricians tape!

Jack Donnison: One of the funniest lads you’ll ever meet, but he’s so loud!! Outstanding ability and the most consistent of performers. You’ll do well to point out a bad game he’s had. You want to sign Jack? Sign Fozzy!

Joe Elliot: Brilliant Lad off the field, Joe shows tremendous character and tireless work rate on it. A local lad who’s seen the dark days of Shields, Joe is a credit to the club in every sense of the word. 50 goals between us this season.

Adam Forster: Fozzy possesses tremendous ability with and without the ball and runs himself into the ground for his team mates. Pops up with the odd important goal too. A cracking lad off the field, but if you want to sign Foz, Sign Jack!!

John Grey: Nine bookings in his first twelve games this season without putting a tackle in tells you a lot about John. A wind up merchant during games, John’s choice of style is far too elegant for the Northern league. Still insists he’s right footed!

Dean Holmes: Easily one of the best players in the league, Dean has enjoyed an even better season than last. Skips past defenders like they don’t even exist and has a great eye for both assists and goals. Old man stuck in a young man’s body, Dean has a taste for Kenny Rodgers and Neil Diamond.

Kevin Hughes: Absolute colossus of a defender, Kev is a superb representative as captain of North Shields. Kev’s performances are as consistent as his Dad’s appearances on the Curva Nord. A huge miss when he’s not there, top bloke too!

Marc Lancaster: A voice so deep it once measured 6.4 on the Richter Scale, Mark joined us early on from Morpeth. A tremendous talent and a priceless addition to the squad. Mark can have some poisonous banter at times, but loves sitting alongside me in the changing rooms. He once played for Hibs, you know?

James Lucock: what a season Coxy’s had. He’ll play anywhere for you and is a superb talent. Has some unbelievable crack after a pint or 10, especially his alter ego “MC coxy...Poshest MC on the planet”.

Michael McKeown: Has a range of passing that would rival any top flight player,such a talent. Micky came back to Shields after rumours of Wembley started brewing. One of footballs good guys and never skips leg day. Reckons he knows Jordan Henderson.

John Parker: I was worried how he would cope after Smarty departed, but again Parks has been a rock for us. Once told just to get rid of the ball, West Aucklands loss was our huge gain. A birtley lad and does a terrible Jason Ainsley impression!!

Denver Morris: a great lad, Denver joined us early in the season and never looked back. Comfortable out wide or up top, he is possibly the fastest man ever to grace the morgue. He’s been a tremendous asset to us and capable of winning a game single handedly. His Mrs has me as first goalscorer, banker!

Ben Richardson: My Roomy. An absolute wand of a right foot, Richo is technically one of the best outside the pro game. A very good friend of mine, not because I like him, but because he’s supplied me with about 900 assists. Ever present for Shields again this season with over 50 appearances.

Dean Walker: Dean worked hard over the summer to improve his game and that has showed clearly this season. A lovely lad, Causes major problems for any defence and finishes for fun. Hates Vegas!!

Michael Robinson: Robbo is a unit. A perfectly sculpted unit at that. One of the best shot stoppers in the region, Robbo can swaz a ball the length of two pitches. A big factor in me joining Shields having played alongside him there as a junior. He’s my workout friend too!

Kieran Wrightson: A superb footballing talent with endless ability. Had a trial at Newcastle once and still loves his training gear off them. Recently fathered his first child, Keegsy then supplied himself with the title of “Dilf”. Another great season for the Robins and shows outstanding character throughout.

Gareth Bainbridge: Me. Gaz. Knee slide perfectionist. Loved my two season at Shields and enjoyed a lot of personal success. My success would not be anywhere near where it is without my team, they have been unbelievable for me through all my time here, an absolute pleasure to play alongside.

Graham Fenton (Manager): The boss. Fents is the best there is outside the pro game. A perfectionist with his attention to detail and a keen admirer of the “5 minute warning”. A great bloke with the clubs best interests at heart. Has a huge future ahead. Likes to get me angry before hat tricks!!

Andy Bowman (Assistant Manager): Bowsa is an absolute howl. One of the nicest guys you could wish to meet and will do anything for is mates. A lover of card tricks and Las Vegas, Bowsa still insists I owe him $14. A scorer of a hat trick against Newcastle United, or so I’ve heard!

Brian Smith (Coach): Self proclaimed “High Tower” is driven mental by Jack and Foz. A top fella with stacks of experience in the game, always there if you need him. Was once robbed of a Vase winners medal after a move to Shields as a player, looking to win it back this year!



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